“Why do runners run? You might as well ask, ‘Why do birds fly?’ or ‘Why do fish swim?’ or ‘Why do people buy scratch-off lottery tickets? The answer to all those questions is the same: Because it’s awesome.” — Mark Remy








Just do it! When you cross the finish line, you will understand!

Useful stuff:

– Talk: A 26.2-Mile Journey of Pain and Joy (On What It Takes to Run A Marathon)

Seminar at Triangle SmartTalk: Why is running good for you: health, weight loss, self-challenge, and more.  (Duke, Durham, NC) Slides [PDF], Seminar video: YouTube links (Part I, Part II) YouKu links (Part I, Part II), TCRC video.

Paper on mathematical models of running, by Daniel B. Whitt (son of Ward Whitt): “Optimal Strategies for Stochastic Models of Running Performance” [PDF] Slides [PDF]

ComicThe DOs and DO NOTs of running your first marathon, from the book the The terrible and wonderful reasons why I do long distances, by the Oatmeal

ArticleA non-runner’s guide to runners, by Mark Remy

– Training guide for your first marathon [PDF] (source:

Animation: What’s a good running form (
Form: short and quick strides, fore-foot landing, land below hipline;
Results: less energy loss (small vertical motion, less braking), avoid injury (less shock on knees)


Marathons and Half Marathons I have done: